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Service Agreement - hk-basket.com

1. Products and Services
  • Product Introduction: hk-basket.com offers a variety of fresh flowers and flower baskets.
  • Customization Service: Customers can choose specific flower combinations according to their needs.
  • 2. Delivery Policy
  • Delivery Time: We promise to deliver within the date and time specified by the customer.
  • Delivery Area: Clearly specify the range of delivery areas and any potential restrictions. Additional charges may apply and will vary depending on the order form; we will discuss this with the customer first.
  • 3. Replacement Policy
  • Flower Replacement: If the selected flowers are unavailable due to seasonal or supply issues, we will provide an equivalent or higher value substitute.
  • Customer Agreement: Replacements will be made without changing the overall design or color scheme.
  • 4. Refund and Cancellation Policy
  • Order Cancellation: Customers can cancel orders at least 3 days before delivery and receive a full refund.
  • Refund Conditions: Customers are entitled to a refund if we are unable to fulfill the order for reasons on our part.
  • 5. Terms of Use
  • Usage Norms: Using the services of hk-basket.com implies agreement to these terms of service.
  • Copyright Statement: All content within the website is owned by hk-basket.com and its parent company, prologic solutions limited.
  • 6. Disclaimer
  • Service Changes: We reserve the right to modify the terms of service at any time.
  • Exemption: We are not responsible for service interruptions or delays due to force majeure factors (such as typhoons and bad weather). Refunds will be provided in these situations.
  • 7. Contact Information
  • Customer Service: Contact information for customer service is provided to address any questions or concerns.
  • 服務協議 - hk-basket.com

    1. 產品與服務
  • 產品介紹: hk-basket.com 提供各式各樣的鮮花及花籃。
  • 定制服務: 客戶可根據需求選擇特定的鮮花組合。
  • 2. 交貨政策
  • 交貨時間: 我們承諾於客戶指定的日期和時間內進行交貨
  • 送貨範圍: 明確說明送貨地區的範圍及可能的限制。附加運費可能適用,將根據訂單表格的不同而異,我們將首先與客戶討論。
  • 3. 替換政策
  • 鮮花替換: 若所選鮮花因季節或供應問題無法提供,我們將提供等值或更高價值的替代品。
  • 客戶同意: 替換將在不改變整體設計或顏色配合的前提下進行。
  • 4. 退款與取消政策
  • 取消訂單: 客戶可在送貨前3天內取消訂單,並獲得全額退款。
  • 退款條件: 若因我們的原因導致無法履行訂單,客戶有權要求退款。
  • 5. 使用條款
  • 使用規範: 使用 hk-basket.com 服務即表示同意本服務條款。
  • 版權聲明: 網站內所有內容的版權均屬 hk-basket.com 所有,其母公司為 prologic solutions limited。
  • 6. 免責聲明
  • 服務變更: 我們保留隨時修改服務條款的權利。
  • 免責: 對於因不可抗力因素(如颱風和惡劣天氣)導致的服務中斷或延遲,我們不承擔責任。在這種情況下,將提供退款。
  • 7. 聯絡方式
  • 客戶服務: 提供客戶服務聯繫方式,以便於解決任何疑問或問題。